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Creating and Maintaining
A Healthy Living Environment

Residential and Commercial Solutions.

Creating and Maintaining
A Healthy Living Environment

Residential and Commercial Solutions.


Rapid Response” State-of-the-Art
“No Touch” Infection Control Technology


We are very proud to be a part of the front lines in fighting this battle. Please call us for all of your disinfection needs. 504-677-0100.

"Fighting the Invisible Enemy."

Everyone at Bactronix is working around the clock to provide proactive protocols to businesses and individuals who are looking to stay safer during these times.
As its been stated, our country is at war with the invisible enemy and our slogan at Bactronix has always been

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Fighting the Invisible Enemy

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FIGHTING THE INVISIBLE ENEMY... Residential and Commercial

The exclusive Bactronizing™ Process uses environmentally friendly disinfectants
distributed with an advanced electrostatic spray system. Our hospital grade,
EPA registered Disinfecting products are highly effective against dangerous biofilm and microorganisms
such as bacteria, mold, mildew, algae, viruses and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).

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Mold Removal Services

Premier Mold Remediation and Mold Removal Company with THE GUARANTEED BEST PRICING!


Bactronix's environmentally responsible disinfecting process involves two simple steps that kill the organisms and protect from re-growth.

Safe - Eco-friendly disinfecting for COVID-19


What sets Bactronix apart from other companies?

At Bactronix, we know we can provide you with trusted disinfection services because our team formulates and tests the solutions we use. Our Bactronizing Process is an antimicrobial treatment program that incorporates testing and reports to reduce and control the presence of harmful microbes and unpleasant odors where you live, work, and play. Our research and development initiative has designed new nanotechnology protocols that address major microbial concerns in many markets, including the “Sick Home Syndrome” experienced in residences due to culprits that often remain hidden, such as mold, viruses, fungi, algae, bacteria, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). We also treat the “Superbug Syndrome” found in healthcare, commercial, and institutional environments. Our products and services are grounded in an eco-responsible platform that is 100% safe for people, plants, and pets.


By developing an environmentally responsible approach to the effective testing, treatment, and removal of  harmful organisms, the professionals at Bactronix can help you maintain commercial and residential facilities that are safe, healthy, and sanitary.

A row of trucks used by mold treatment and disinfectant company Bactronix in Moon, PA


Our team members are expertly trained and certified, so you can rest assured that the technicians who provide your services are skilled and knowledgeable. They are experienced in using advanced technologies and equipment, and they use a variety of testing methods and in-depth consultation processes to determine a treatment or maintenance plan for your home or business.

As a leader in our industry, we continuously strive for excellence by furthering our investment in the research and development of new 
products and improved processes. We only provide the quality products and services we know you can count on for the safe and efficient testing and removal of microbe infestations and the maintenance of hygienic residential and commercial environments.

Contact Bactronix today at 504-677-0100 to schedule an appointment area team.

Bactronix is a national science-based microbial control company that uses our own exclusive products and advanced equipment for a wide range of mold removal and disinfection services. Our certified personnel are highly trained in administering effective, eco-responsible disinfection treatments to commercial and residential facilities.

We are by far the leader in today’s industry, striving for excellence and continuing to invest in research and development for new products and improved processes.

Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor certificate of mold removal services provider Bactronix, which services Pittsburgh, PA
FEMA logo representing a partnership with mold testing company Bactronix, which services Pittsburgh, PA

Bactronix is a FEMA Contract Registrant, to provide Federal Emergency Services when Microbial Control Services are required.

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Pennsylvania Prison Wardens Association representing a partnership with mold treatment company Bactronix, which services Pittsburgh, PA
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